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    • ¿Qué rol ejercen las contrapartes técnicas de los servicios en el proceso de validación SIAPER?
    • ¿Que antecedentes debe recopilar el Servicio cuando CGR comunica que iniciará un proceso de validación en sus dependencias?
    • ¿Cuáles son los campos que debe contener el listado en planilla excel de los documentos emitidos por el Servicio a validar?
    • ¿Cuál es el tiempo óptimo de registro en SIAPER RE una vez que los actos administrativos han sido emitidos?
    • ¿Cuánto tiempo dispone el Servicio para responder por escrito a CGR por las observaciones contenidas en el informe externo de validación?
    • Who is a civil servant?
    • What are the staffing levels?
    • Who are owners?
    • Who are alternates?
    • Who can act as substitutes?
    • What elements should be considered to determine the maximum length of a substitution?
    • What is a job contract?
    • How long can a contract?
    • What is a contract fees?
    • How contracts are classified fees?
    • What is the duration of a contract fees?
    • What is the purpose of the rating system?
    • ¿Quiénes son calificados?
    • ¿Quiénes no?
    • ¿Qué período comprende la calificación?
    • ¿En qué listas pueden ser incluidos los funcionarios?
    • ¿Cómo se efectúa la distribución entre las diversas listas?
    • ¿Qué efectos tiene?
    • ¿Cuál es la duración del feriado?
    • ¿Cómo se hace uso del feriado?
    • ¿Cuándo tiene derecho a feriado el servidor que ingresa a un servicio público?
    • ¿Cuáles son los permisos establecidos en el Estatuto Administrativo?
    • ¿Qué permisos están regulados en leyes especiales?
    • ¿Cuál es el plazo para presentar una licencia médica?
    • ¿Cuáles son las causales de cese en un cargo público?
Thursday, 25 de April de 2013
More than a thousand complaints and suggestions received control portal "Comptroller and citizen"
A 58.6% of the contributions received led to audits by the Comptroller. The figure consolidates the online platform as a collaborative tool for civil society actions seeking to safeguard the integrity.

The Portal "Comptroller and Citizen" of the Comptroller General, available on the web, totaled 1,009 audit reports or suggestions, online forms admitted for the first six months of operation, between September 28, 2012 and March 31 this year.

Of the contributions made by the community, 58.6% (591) substantiate enforcement actions by the Control Authority. In practice, it means that the history given by the citizen deserves the investigation of a specific event or is included in an audit.

March saw a record on civil society input, because in that period there were 209 income in the Portal, which represents the highest number of complaints and suggestions entered control since the launch of online participation channel. This study highlights the growing role of people in actions to protect the integrity and good use of public resources in the administration. "Would audit us" is the message that guides axis institutional initiatives, to encourage proactivity and civil society cooperation.

The Portal is available in / contraloriayciudadano and allows the community to control send suggestions and / or complaints to the Comptroller.

Saturday, 27 de April de 2013
It incorporates 67 new SIAPER Electronic Registration Services
Continuing the process of implementing SIAPER Electronic Registration platform, is that from May 2, 2014, incorporate new services to said electronic processing system of administrative personnel in matters that are exempt from control legality.

Continuing the process of implementing SIAPER Electronic Registration platform, is that from May 2, 2014, incorporate new services to said electronic processing system of administrative personnel in matters that are exempt from control legality. Resolution No. 224 of 2013, the Comptroller General of the Republic, which are the 67 states Public Services are held from that date to the electronic record system, also establishes the obligation to generate unique numbers consecutively, from 1 January 2014, for personnel exempt material.

In order to facilitate the incorporation of these services were deployed 24 days of training for Technical Partners and future users of the system (600 in total) throughout the entire country. These activities dealt SIAPER Strategic Vision has for the state administration, the legal underpinnings that support this new type of electronic processing of administrative exempt, on the management and use of the application itself. In addition, the project unveiled Reason SIAPER Taking Automatic, its relationship with the electronic processing of administrative personnel in matters affected the legality.

For the effectiveness of this platform is more immediate and will soon be enabled for all users of the system, training environment like the one used in the activities of a similar nature to those who have attended, in order to continue getting to know the platform and realize their self-learning activities. Such an environment will be published on this website with the relevant information and updated for use.

Thursday, 25 de April de 2013
Comptroller Electronic Registration SIAPER trained in more than 600 public officials across the country
The initiative consists of 24 courses nationally and is intended to provide users of the system the tools to use the platform and apply this knowledge in their respective services.

Strengthening institutional commitment to be a permanent employee with the State Administration, the Comptroller General (CGR) started in Santiago, Monday, April 15, the cycle of trainings SIAPER Electronic Registry, which provides assistance to more than 600 staff, belonging to 66 utilities across the country.

The central idea of this instructional process is that users SIAPER Electronic Registration understand technical and legal aspects of the system and apply in matters that must be processed according to the needs of their services.

The courses are being conducted by professionals of the Comptroller General, who shall transmit the advantages and benefits that the platform provides the CGR and all officials of the Public Administration. In the training will address topics such as the benefits of the system, advanced digital signature; locum, contract; qualifications; holidays; permits, medical licenses, and fees, among others.

The program consists of 24 courses. The cycle takes place with eight training between 15 and 23 April in Santiago, continues the 19 in Punta Arenas and La Serena, and 22, in Arica and Talca 23, in Rancagua, 23 and 24, in Concepción, the 24, in Iquique, 24, 25 and 26, in Valparaiso, 25, in Temuco and Puerto Montt, 26, in Coyhaique and Copiapo, the 29th, in Antofagasta, and end on 30 in Valdivia.

SIAPER Electronic Record and Reason Making Automatic SIAPER were generated by the Controller for the purpose of contributing to improving admissions processes, study and storage of administrative acts in matters of personal knowledge of this subject to control body. The systems also contribute to the delivery of reliable and useful information for the control in the field and will be a tool leading role in the renewal of the State.